1. Location scout. Washington DC. Hopefully the iPhone app proves correct for same light one week later. We shall see. Shooting this with a Deardorff, 90mm Super Angulon and some Kodak TRI-X. 

  2. The twins out at Patapsco Park, Maryland. This 90mm Schneider Super Angulon is equivalent to a 16mm on a full 35mm camera. If you get your subject close to the center there is no distortion. Used an old beat up Nikon SB-26, zoomed into 85mm for the key. The back light is the sun.  Deardorff. Kodak TRI-X. 

  3. Antietam Creek, the peace that it brings me. Never grow tired trying to chase that feeling with images. Nikon FE2, LensBaby, Edge 80. NIK Silver Effects Pro.

  4. Loved my Olympus Stylus Epic with the 35mm. Glass lens, f2.8 and the best minimum focus out of all pocket cameras out there. Kept one with BW C-41 and Kodak Gold 200 in the other. This was an attempt at trap focus. I set the minimum and my timing was 1/2 a foot off. Still I like the happy dog feeling it has.

  5. The last summer hurrah. One more camping trip out to Antietam is coming. Then back to school commutes and eventually cold weather. I will get the most out of this last trip. I will make Kodak happy. Mamiya C330. 65mm. Kodak TRI-X. NIK Silver Effects Pro. 

  6. Reid Scott on the set of VEEP. Pentax 645, 45mm. Kodak TRI-X. NIK Silver Effects Pro. 

  7. "My One and Only" movie set. Love period movies, like shooting fish in a barrel. 

  8. Never a good sign on a movie set when there are this many people around a picture car. Especially when they’re not setting lights or camera. Nikkromat, 85mm. Kodak TRI-X. NIK Silver Effects Pro. 

  9. Did stills for a movie called “Little Accidents”. We filmed in real working coal mines in West Virgina. Talk about eye opener the next time I turn on the home AC. Canon 7D, Sigma 8 to 16mm. NIK Silver Effects Pro.

  10. The terror people must feel driving mint vintage cars around always amazes me. I don’t ever grow tired of photographing them. This one is from a 1950’s movie I worked on called “My One and Only”. Never a shortage of things to photograph on that set. Nikkromat 50mm. Kodak Gold 200. NIK Silver Effects Pro.