1. Through the viewfinder. (TTV) Baltimore, Maryland. Fire hydrant rain and some summer fun.

  2. Antietam in the rain. Several of our camping trips had rain this summer. When the light is flat and there is mist it makes for some interesting looks with Ektachrome and Fujichrome with cross processing. Little bits of color ‘pump it up’s’ in PS and NIK. Love the edge of day for night as well. 

  3. The last days of summer. Cool in the shade without the humidity. Maryland weather doesn’t get much better. Near Gibson Island, MD. Canon 6D, LensBaby, Edge 80. NIK Silver Effects Pro. 

  4. Portrait of a drummer. Canon 6D, Lensbaby Edge 80.

  5. Antietam morning just before the summer rain. Nikon FE2, 28mm. Kodak Ektachrome Elite, “Extra - Color” (Kodak’s words, not mine) 100 ASA. 10 years out of date, cross processed.

  6. Renee and Luca looking for something to catch. Pentax 645, 45mm. Kodak Ektachrome 100. Cross Processed.

  7. Back porch last week. Some major swing with the olde Petzval lens. Kodak TMAX 100. NIK Silver Effects Pro.

  8. New test from the old Petzval lens I have. Think I want to try a bag bellows on an 8x10 with these almost circle of illumination 8x10 lenses. I love part of the frame rounded. Ilford HP5+, NIK Silver Effects Pro.

  9. Emme. This old Petzval lens has a very peculiar area of focus. It took a few tests even before I knew what to test. The depth of field is shaped not like a square block as in a Macro lens, nor is it a convex space like a regular prime lens, it’s more like a red blood cell in shape. (Lens looking into the deepest part of the bowl shape of a cell) Focus on any edge and the middle is out. Focus on the middle, like the above, and everything outside of the focus spot is out. Nice to have a 4x5 so you can avoid center punching the focus spot. Now I understand why early large format photos were matted with a curved top. They were avoiding the fall off of the top of the circle of illumination because they were trying to shift the sharp to the top third of the image.

  10. Looking for birds in the tall grass. Deardorff, 90mm Super Angulon. Kodak TRI-X. NIK Silver Effects Pro.